being a though leader and a Knowledge Based organisation we give major importance to “idea” and we believe it can come from any quarters of our proprietary engagement Platform I.D.E.A (Intelligence .Design. Engagement. Analytics)

1. Intelligence (Research & Retail Planning )
In the retail industry it’s vital to know where your customers are, and what they want. This is where research comes in. We do a variety of types of research – all related to getting the most profit and growth in your business.

At RCG we typically would have two types of research clients – property developers and retail owners.

Developments Moving in the Right Direction
For property developers, we usually get involved very early in the project. Good research is the antitode for all the usual hurdles that come with getting a development moving forward. RCG does feasibility studies, growth projections, population analysis, in depth demographic studies and economic impact analysis.

For retailers – thorough research is the ‘secret sauce’ that makes a retail operation successful in the long term. Research can give you insight you would never otherwise get into where the profit centres are in your business.

Getting the Retail Mix Right.
This is one area where hard facts trump intuition every time. For example, when consulting on the we pinpoint the most profitable departments. – And this is something we can never predict without first doing the figures.
When working with nation wide retail chains we would be able to find gaps in the store network. These are areas where the demographic is a good fit and the population density is present, but there is no store there to take advantage of this. This type of research can help grow your brand – and stop your competition from gaining an edge.
Today’s markets are moving fast. While times are challenging, there is also a lot of opportunity – for companies that can get their facts clear, and then act on the data.

RCG Services
Economic Impact & Market Size
Demographics & Forecasting
Retail Mix & Analysis
Due Diligence & Site Selection
District Plan Reviews & Statutory Audits
Project Feasibility Analysis Architecture & Interiors
Design: The RCG Approach: Our Design section has been created keeping in mind the needs of a successful brand part of building some major brands. This is because we don’t just focus on getting the building ‘look’ and ‘feeling’ right. We look at the impact the building will make on your whole business.
For rebranding and brand launches we would be able to work closely with graphics and marketing teams. This means would be able to produce a design that is 100% in alignment with the brand. We don’t see architecture just as a way to house a brand. Architecture and good design is an integral part of a successful company’s identity and marketing. .
RCG would worked with many well-known brands in national roll-outs – We also welcome working with individual store owners on boutique designs. Over the years we would also build up a formidable amount of experience in larger retail centres and shopping malls.
Multi-tenant Retail Developments
Retail Fitouts & Interior Design
Nation Wide Store Rebrands
Retail Planning
Brand Launches

Engagements: eCommerce Systems Integration
We would be leading systems integrator of market-leading ecommerce website platforms and systems, for B2C and B2B.
We would help retailers, brands and distributors to build world-class ecommerce websites for maximum profit. In the past 10 years we have built engagement and consumers acquisitions plan for India’s leading brands and have seen the gaps and issues on first hand basis and we would utilise all those experience in building an robust technology driven solutions with a single focus on market growth. We would developed websites for B2C retailers including top 10 retailers multi and single brand retails, We would develop world-class ecommerce websites for B2Cs and B2Bs across India , on all of the major ecommerce platforms.
Mobile eCommerce
We will help our customers choose the most suitable mobile ecommerce approach for their retail or ecommerce business, and then implement the solution in a short time-frame. Product Information Management Drawing on our extensive knowledge of multi-channel retail, we would implement PIM solutions to successfully streamline and support the day-to-day running of your retail business.
Order Management Systems
We would recommend and implement order management systems which would meet our customers unique requirements and fit with their existing technology infrastructure. Search & Navigation With expertise in both ecommerce technology and strategy, we would implement highly effective search and navigation solutions using all the leading packages .
Multiple Solution Partners
We would work with our partners to develop world-class ecommerce websites and mobile ecommerce sites and other offerings like
1.New business plan review
2,Classification OTB
3.Opening budgets
4.Cash flow projections

1.Critical numbers reviews
2.OTB planning
3.Operational budgets
4.Cash flow review

1.OTB work shops
2.Merchandising seminars
3.Retailer Basic training
4.Round table/User groups
5.One on One meetings

Analytics: It’s one thing to have data but completely another thing to make it useful to your business growth. We would provide desktop information to the key management and functional leaders to make meaningful and informed decision in the complete Retail cycle of the business on Time every Time


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