Content Marketing Is About??


Going back to the point that frequent bloggers generate more leads, it is true that content marketing can be used to support lead generation. Content marketing is not only for generating leads.

When you think of content more holistically, as suggested above, you are empowered to influence much more than a simple conversion event. Content marketing encompasses the entire buyer’s journey, including everything from thought leadership and branding, to demand generation, to lead generation.

We have worked with clients who increased lead volumes just by building out the entire buyer’s journey on their website. One particular client told their whole story in the language of their target persona, written to focus only on the customer’s needs and wants. This is a great example of content marketing at the very core itself.

This client operates under the belief that conversion is a process and not an event. I generally concur. Yes, the actual conversion is an event, but it rarely happens by chance.

Frequent bloggers are often converting readers who have been following them for weeks or months. In these cases, the process of pushing a prospect to convert starts long before a form is submitted. The hard work is in building the list of subscribers and convincing them that you are the right solution to their problems. Once convinced, the conversion becomes much easier.

So content marketing is not about generating leads, per se. It is about positioning yourself as the best option, so your prospects want to convert when presented with your offer.


About Rakesh Raghuvanshi

Named as one of the leading Indian communications specialist who are winning global communications strategy pitches for Global brands ( Thought leader in framing the importance of engagement and memories led communications strategy. Has pioneered around the idea that; the most effective way of communication is engagement and memories led connect. Eleven Years ago Raghuvanshi founded Live1India as a pioneer in engagement & memories based communications Retail Consulting Group. From this basic principal (foundation) grown a successful business that has helped millions of customers connect and engage meaningfully with the leading Global brands. Helping these brands and customers engage across the hinterland of Indian continent; brands like wheel , Nirma , Lifebuoy, Ponds ,Neutrogena,Coke and Tata Indica V2 to name a few . Raghuvanshi maintains that in Todays Hyper-connected and Hyper-transparent world people are more and more engaging and interested in memories of their friends. Facebook’s success and the key feature of photos uploading is a clear give away to that fact .Technology is changing the market place and so are the customers at the retails

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