The Convergences of Check-in and Check-out – an emerging trend …

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foursquare the mayor but not the king of check-ins This week there have been a number of data points and news items that has reminded me that the check-in.

Rakesh Raghuvanshi‘s insight:

When brands will start communicating contextually with their customers and start rewarding them for check in and check outs on local+social stores by offering   pleasant surprises  IE: moment a customer checks in and checks out of  Nike showroom  and gets a flat 50% off on Ice-cream  which is next door neighbouring store with a message “J -now we are giving you another sweet reason to start running “ you are not only building a eco system of driving business and rewards for check ins and check outs , or if someone checks in and checks out of say a hotel gets a flat 20% discount on airport drop form radio cab company – potential is enormous 

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About Rakesh Raghuvanshi

Named as one of the leading Indian communications specialist who are winning global communications strategy pitches for Global brands ( Thought leader in framing the importance of engagement and memories led communications strategy. Has pioneered around the idea that; the most effective way of communication is engagement and memories led connect. Eleven Years ago Raghuvanshi founded Live1India as a pioneer in engagement & memories based communications Retail Consulting Group. From this basic principal (foundation) grown a successful business that has helped millions of customers connect and engage meaningfully with the leading Global brands. Helping these brands and customers engage across the hinterland of Indian continent; brands like wheel , Nirma , Lifebuoy, Ponds ,Neutrogena,Coke and Tata Indica V2 to name a few . Raghuvanshi maintains that in Todays Hyper-connected and Hyper-transparent world people are more and more engaging and interested in memories of their friends. Facebook’s success and the key feature of photos uploading is a clear give away to that fact .Technology is changing the market place and so are the customers at the retails

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