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A tectonic shift has happened since june2013; 1mobile became first and search engine has changed the way they look at populating relevant results to every search

Have you notices that every generic search is now driven by locality (read proximity ) social signals , deep content /relevant content + rich content and having social signals to influence your engagement . don’t belive me ; just test it for your self , type any product or service in your search bar and see the results for yourself  , IE: Pizza / salon/spas, notice the following ,

Pictures of the search items will be on top (read rich content) , you would have local google places of business engaged in those products or services  ( notice you did not mention the place you are looking for and yet it would populate the information of in and around your areas of locations ) and when you check in it will show how many of your friends have been there and when , it’s all about helping you take an informed  decision